Book: Urban Latin America: Part 2: Planning Latin American Cities: Dependencies and “Best Practices”

Issue #213 Mar 2017 Volume 44-2

Angotti and Irazábal – Intruducion

Maricato – The future of global peripheral cities

Valenzuela – Private Poduction of Social Housing in Mexico

Franz – Urban Governance and Development in Medellín 

Sotomayor – Urban Policy in Medellín

Hunt – Bogotá’s Transmilenio

Montero – Worlding Ciclovía

Friendly – Urban Policy and Social Movements in Brazil

Albert – Power and Citizen Participation in Santo André

Koch and Sánchez – Participation without Power in Barraquilla

Sosa – Mobility and Politics in Mexico City


Autor: Erminia Maricato

Arquiteta, urbanista, professora, pesquisadora e ativista brasileira.